We are engaged in delivering Social Circus and Play as a tool for social and personal development for  children, youth and young adults.

Our Vision
At the heart of Circus Play is the belief that
“Everyone Needs to Have Fun.”
Inspiring Change through Circus and Play

Circus Play is a project to develop social circus and play. We believe that Social Circus and Play are useful tools for engaging with children and young adults to support development of their personal skills, empower them to participate fully in civil society and to spread an agenda of sharing, tolerance, diversity and love through the use of play and fun.

Our Values are Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility, Gender Equality, Sharing, Learning through Play and Fun, and Creativity.

The goal of our projects is to build a framework for a locally-led social circus and play network in Thai/Myanmar border area which nurtures and empowers disadvantaged children and young adults, and people living with disabilities.

With tens of thousands of displaced Myanmar people from many ethnic groups living in migrant camps and other locations, the need for some fun and creativity is vital. Our Circus and Play is equally important as an informal educational tool to develop confidence, support learning-skills and building friendships across diverse communities.

What is Social Circus?

The transformative power of circus connects education, physical art and social development. Social Circus is more than teaching circus skills. It is a tool for transformation, discipline, creativity and artistic expression.
In its modern form, circus has gone beyond mere entertainment: play and circus arts are tools for teaching social skills, overcoming trauma and developing essential capacities and the ability to take responsibility.

Social Circus shows the power of the arts as a tool for human development and social change.

Social Circus nurtures a creative environment where young people can access quality arts training, learn how to share these skills in their own community, benefit from social support, develop their creativity and life-skills.

Social Circus is accessible to all – participants don’t need to have literacy skills to take part and fully engage. It is free at the point of access. It works effectively with the poorest people but empowers them to engage, learn, play, laugh, join a group, share their skills and do things as a team across social boundaries. It feeds back positive energy into their community.

Social Circus around the world.

Around the word there are over 500 different and unique social circus projects supporting communities in need of dynamic and accessible activities that are open to everyone in their communities.
You can find out more and connect with networks at www.social-circus.com

Circus Play is a continuation of Social Circus Myanmar’s programmes run in Yangon since 2014. 

Below are a  few images of work in 2019-20. See the full story 

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