Fundraising Show at Garnet Station, Auckland

Thanks to everyone involved in creating a fabulous show at the Garnet Station theatre in Westmere, Auckland, in support of the Circus Play Project. The fundraiser was a special edition of the Verity George Variety Show, featuring Verity’s one on one interviews with special guests – interwoven with poetry, comedy, and in this partiular episode, stunning live oboe.

Verity’s guests in the Garnet Station Theatre were journalist/producer and media personality Carol Hirscxhfeld, award winning oboist Ruusel Walder, and Jude Smith from the Serious Fun Committee talking about how the children’s circus workshops began in Myanmar in 2014 and how that work has now lead to the Circus Play Project.

Russel Walder, oboist extraordinaire, improvises in the Garnet Station Theatre.

Verity George interviews Carol Hirschfeld
Verity was delighted to have Carol Hirschfeld in the hot seat, and Carol didn’t disappoint with her tales that took the audience behind the scene of the big news stories. Photo credit: Louise Matthews
Award-winning oboist Russel Walder entranced the audience with the story about how he came across the oboe and made it his own. And what he thinks of flutes! Photo credit: Louise Matthews
Jude Smith from the Serious Fun Committee talked about the impact of the circus activities on children taking part in workshops. Photo credit: Tinmama Oo

Thanks to the hard work of technical manager Lisa Prager, the show went off without a hitch. Fundraising reached NZD $1160 by the end of the night, with all proceeds going towards the costs of delivering the Circus Play Project. Thanks to everyone who contributed and made this a night to remember.

Garnet Station’s Peter Horne created an entrancing set. Photo credit: Tinmama Oo
Juggling props meet Myanmar puppets on set. Photo credit: Tinmama Oo
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